Kill Team regras


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    Kill Team regras

    Mensagem por Draco em Dom Fev 09, 2014 3:55 pm

    Novidades: Link com o PDF completo das regras

    Kill Team

    Kill team got an overall update along with a new set of logical restrictions. Its new form is a 33 page book. Page 5 marks the end of the fluff and the beginning of the rules. Every player has an army of about 200P, consisting of:

    1.  0-2 Troops
    2.  0-1 Elite
    3.  0-1 Fast Attack

    With the restrictions:

    1.  A Kill Team must include 4 non-vehicle models, 1 leader and 3 Specialist (see below).
    2.  A kill Team cannot include a model with more than 3HP and combined armor value of more than 33.
    3.  A kill Team cannot include Flyers.
    4.  A kill Team cannot include any models with a 2+.

    Also there are codex exceptions:

    1. Codex: Chaos Daemons: The Warp Storm SR is not in use in a kill Team mission.
    2. Codex: Chaos SM : The Champion of Chaos SR is not in use in a kill Team mission.
    3.  Codex: Necron: Whenever a Necron model suffers an unsaved wound, roll for Reanimation Protocol only if there is a friendly Necron model 2” away.
    4.  Codex: Dark Eldar: Any model with the Power from Pain SR counts as having earned a Pain Token for every  five non-vehicle models it has killed.

    In your Kill Team your leader must be the model with the highest LD, except if it is a swarm or a beast. If there are more than one models with the same [highest] LD you may choose either one. If the leader is not already a Character or Independent Character he gains the Character unit type. At the start of every game, roll on the Leader Traits table below before you deploy your Kill Team:


    D6 - result:

    1 - A Cunning Ruse:
    D3+2 non-vehicle models of your choice have the Outflank special rule.

    2 - Quick Thinker:
    Your Kill Team successfully Seizes the Initiative on the dice roll of a 4+ instead of a 6.

    3 - Chasing Promotion:
    You gain 1 additional Victory Point if your Leader slays the enemy Leader in a challenge.

    4 - Iron Resolve:
    Your Leader’s Command Range is increased to 12" (see Break Tests and Command Range, below).

    5 - Been there, Seen it, Done it:
    Your Leader can select a special rule from one of the Specialist Categories (see below), though this cannot be from the same category as any of your other Specialists.

    6 - Unshakeable Dedication to Duty:
    Your Leader has the Zealot special rule.

    In addition, every Kill Team has 3 Specialists. Each Specialist must choose an SR from a Specialist table (a different one for every Specialist). The tables and their SRs are:


    Furious Charge
    Hammer of Wrath
    Instant Death**

    **Applies to the Specialist’s close combat attacks only.


    Ignores Cover
    Master Crafted***
    Split Fire****
    Tank Hunter*

    *Applies to the Specialist’s shooting attacks only.

    **Applies to the Specialist’s close combat attacks only.

    ***Nominate one weapon carried by the Specialist when selecting your Kill Team. That weapon has the Master crafted special rule.

    ****A model with the Split Fire special rule can target two different enemy models with its shooting attacks. No Leadership test is required to use this ability. However, the controlling player must clearly state how many shots he intends to fire at each target before rolling To Hit.


    Monster Hunter
    Soul Blaze

    *Applies to the Specialist’s shooting attacks only.

    **Applies to the Specialist’s close combat attacks only.


    Adamantium Will
    Eternal Warrior
    Feel No Pain

    **Applies to the Specialist’s close combat attacks only.


    Hit & Run
    Move Through Cover
    Night Vision
    Preferred Enemy

    In the book there is a Leader Trait table, 6 missions and the rules that you need to play the game. These rules are:

    -In a Kill Team each model is treated as a separate unit.

    -A Transport vehicle can carry in the beginning of the game only the unit that took it as a Dedicated Transport.

    -Extra models can’t be generated during the game.

    -Every model has to start in the table, including those [units] that the rules state they have to come via Deep Strike. The only exception is for those models that are going to Outflank.

    -All models count as scoring units, unless their rules say otherwise (e.g. fenrisian wolves).

    -The Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers special rule has no effect in games of Kill Team.

    -At the start of every turn, if you have lost more than half your army, you must roll a Break Test; i.e. an LD test for every model. If you fail it the model is removed from the game. Models with Fearless SR automatically pass the test. Models with ATSKNF SR (e.g. Space Marines) may re-roll the test. If your Leader passes his test, every model 6” away of him automatically passes the test.

    P.S. Falta ainda meter as missoes.

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    Re: Kill Team regras

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