Hostile World Rules


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    Hostile World Rules

    Mensagem por Draco em Ter Maio 20, 2014 10:52 am

    Boas, podia mos exprimentar estas regras, ou ate mesmo altera las um pouco, pra tornar os jogos + interessantes Very Happy

    Jungle Death World: This may be a Catachan’s dream; but for everyone else it’s a nightmare.

    Place as many forest or jungle terrain pieces as you can evenly-spaced on the board.
    At the start of each turn, any unit other than vehicles that are within 6” of the forest or jungle take a single wound with no armor saves allowed.
    Any units other than vehicles who move through these areas will lose D3 wounds with no armor saves. Abilities like Forest Walking or Move Through Cover reduce it to 1 wound each turn with no armor saves.
    If any vehicles move through these forest or jungle areas, they will be immobilized on a 4+. Vehicles with dozer blades or something similar can re-roll this.

    Toxic World: The air is filled with Acidic gases.

    At the beginning of each turn, all units other than vehicles must roll a D6 every turn while not embarked on a transport. The unit suffers that many wounds (AP-), saves taken as normal.
    At the beginning of each turn, roll a D6 for each vehicle in your force, on the roll of a 1 it takes a glancing hit.

    Ork Infestation: While your battle rages on, Ork spores come out of the wilderness looking for a fight.

    After both players have their turn each round, it is the Ork turn as if they were a third player.
    Mark three different spots down the center of the board (preferably forest). At the beginning of each Ork turn D6 Ork boys come out of one of the (randomly determined) spots and attempt to assault the closest unit. They will not try to shoot, only assault. If the charge is failed, they will move that number of inches anyway and keep attempting each turn until they either die or get into combat.
    Note: This is fun to play with a third player who wants to just mess with your game. This could also be played with Genestealers or Daemons.

    Volcanic Eruption: Armies battle to save an ancient relic before the nearby volcano erupts.

    Set up the terrain where ever you’d like with one exception. There must be a single elevated terrain piece in the middle that is preferably 12” by 12” or so. Place the Relic right there. The Relic may not be carried in this mission.
    Starting at the end of round 4, roll a dice at the end of each round. If the roll is lower than the turn number, the volcano erupts and a tidal wave of lava rolls over the battlefield. All models including vehicles that are not on the center terrain piece at this time are removed from play; instantly incinerated. Luckily for the people on the center piece, the relic’s power protects them from the lava.
    The army that is the last one standing takes the relic, regardless if they are a scoring unit or not.
    Note: All models must be allowed to get on top of the center piece if there is room. While on the center piece, ignore the 1” minimum spacing away from enemy models. If a unit on the ground is locked in combat with a unit on the center piece at the time the lava rolls in, the unit on the ground is allowed to come up onto the center piece if there is room.
    Another Note: This is a really fun game for multiple players. Get like 4-6 people playing against each other with 500-750 point lists and it is a great game.


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    Re: Hostile World Rules

    Mensagem por hellboy em Ter Maio 20, 2014 7:05 pm

    por mim ....

    nesta fase de desaparecimento da 6 a previsao da 7, por mim ....

    Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation!

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