Coaxial weapon


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    Coaxial weapon

    Mensagem por Flash691 em Sex Ago 29, 2014 2:58 pm

    No ultimo torneio surgiu a dúvida quanto ao coaxial heavy stuber no knight ,bem, aqui está como funciona, directamente do faq de apocalipse:

    These weapons share their mount with a larger gun, and are designed to fire tracer rounds at the target, making the main gun’s fire more accurate. Weapons that are defined as Co-axial in their description must be fired at the same target as the main weapon (i.e., the weapon they are attached to), and any Damage result that affects the main weapon affects them as well. Co-axial weapons are always fired before their main weapon (in exception to the usual rules) and if they score at least one hit on the target unit, the main weapon may then re-roll failed To Hit rolls (or re-roll scatter in the case of the main weapon being a Blast weapon).

    e pronto tá esclarecido, nada de disparar coaxial a alvos diferentes, mas toca a ganhar twin linked na main weapon, ouch! farao

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    Re: Coaxial weapon

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    Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation!

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